How big can large format printing get?

Digital printing is a relatively new way of printing which was introduced in the modern computer age, this form of printing is now offsetting the traditional methods because of the efficiency and speed; it also uses a more automated process as compared to other printing processes.

Large format printing or Digital printing can be of different sizes, from small label covers just a few inches in size to whole billboards. The size is also not a problem; square, circle, rectangle and pretty much any size required is available.

The importance of large format printing is that as mentioned before, it requires no kind of printing plates and the price is much cheaper as compared to the conventional methods, has a quicker turnaround time, easier to edit an image and the options to print onto different kinds of substances such as marble, glass, cloth, canvas etc.

While there is a slight loss of fine detail when going for digital printing, the efficiency, cost and speed makes up for any errors. Most modern industrial prints are more can capable of printing images at a higher resolution and with more clarity as compared to the older methods as well.

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